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Kimura Glass

Bello XM Glass

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Kimura Glass' Bello design is unique to the brand, featuring an inverted bell-shaped body. It is made of lead-free crystal and was carefully crafted by hand to achieve a thinness of only 1mm, a testament to the brand's delicate craftsmanship. The Bello XM was designed to be the ideal tasting cup to accompany any beverage–be it cocktails, wine, or tea.

The Bello XM is a stunning glass, with its bell-shaped form that is unique to the brand. Among the sizes within the line, we especially like the XM as it has a capacity of 240ml–perfect for most beverages, considering how the series was made to hold different kinds of drinks. We use it for tea (hot or iced), coffee, and cocktails.

Designer  Kimura Glass
Maker  Kimura Glass
Material Lead-free Crystal
Dimensions 76x85mm
Capacity 240ml
Weight 54g
Origin Japan

Avoid using it in the microwave, electric or gas oven, direct fire, and the dishwasher. For cleaning, use a neutral detergent. Sponges with the polishing material and hard scourers may cause scratches and damage on the surface of the glassware. Once washed, wipe glasses immediately, otherwise white marks may appear due to the calcium in the water. Avoid suddenly heating and cooling the glass as it may cause cause it to break.


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