• Cube Incense Holder
  • Cube Incense Holder
  • Cube Incense Holder

Hakuhodo Sumitani Saburo Shoten

Cube Incense Holder

Regular price ₱490.00

Hakuhodo Sumitani Saburo Shoten's Cube Incense Holder in Gold–made of brass.

A minimal yet functional piece, this incense holder has openings of different diameters to adapt to Japanese or Indian incense. As it is made of solid brass, it can also be used as a paperweight.

This piece is our go-to incense holder as it can hold various types of incense. Due to its weight, it can hold the heavier and taller types among our selection despite its small size.

Use it with your favorite incense as you enjoy a drink.

Designer  Masataka Sumitani
Maker  Hakuhodo Sumitani Saburo Shoten
Material  Brass
Dimensions  20mm x 20mm x 20mm
Weight  66g
Origin  Takaoka, Taoyama, Japan

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