• Issue #10 BERRY
  • Issue #10 BERRY

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Issue #10 BERRY

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There are countless varieties of berries, and they come in various colors and shapes. The fruits are often the main attraction in desserts and drinks, and berries are known to be healthy as they’re packed with nutrients. Most people have a positive image of berries. In addition, as wild food foraging drew attention in Northern Europe in the mid-aughts, wild berries became a symbol of the creativity behind the New Nordic Food movement.

Each issue of Magazine F is well-written and informative–going into detail about the processes, brands, and people involved in the featured ingredient. Though it contains much information, it’s presented in such a way that easy to read and digest.

We chose to include Issue #10 BERRY among our selection of publications because of its wide variety of flavors and ability to complement multiple profiles from sweet to savory.

Co-Created by Magazine B and Baemin
Printed in the Republic of Korea

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