• Issue #01 SALT
  • Issue #01 SALT

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Issue #01 SALT

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Salt is an essential ingredient, a compound of sodium and chlorine, that has enabled people to go on and has had a wide impact on society, culture, economy, and of course, people’s lifestyle. The first city ever built by Homo sapiens was located close to the Dead Sea where high-saline water yielded salt easily. In the ancient times, people waged war against each other scrambling for salt. It also contributed to the development of traditional foods around the world, such as jamón, tsukemono, and kimchi, used as the catalyst to preserve them for a long time. For thousands of years, salt has played a critical role in all kitchens around the world to enhance the favor, and it now stands as a symbol in itself on people’s table.

Each issue of Magazine F is well-written and informative–going into detail about the processes, brands, and people involved in the featured ingredient. Though it contains much information, it’s presented in such a way that easy to read and digest.

We chose to include Issue #01 SALT among our selection of publications because of its ability to completely transform any dish, ingredient, or beverage.

Co-Created by Magazine B and Baemin
Printed in the Republic of Korea

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