ISHI BODEGA is a design-driven, beverage-focused online lifestyle store providing carefully selected ingredients, wares, and publications. 

As a multi-brand concept, we house artists and brands that embody thoughtfulness through design, craftsmanship, and flavor. With form and functionality in mind, each item has been carefully chosen with the goal of improving your everyday rituals.



One of our main functions is bringing together brands from across the globe, with the goal of bringing awareness to thoughtfully designed and crafted goods.

We work with brands that not only produce quality goods, but have a purpose and tell a story, championing design, craftsmanship, and flavor. We aim to gather items that will enhance your experience of drinking beverages, made available in one place—from unique, distinct flavors to functional, timeless pieces.

Our selection consists of our current everyday staples, featuring brands that are well-loved by our team.




In the context of the brand, the word Ishi has a dual meaning. Ishi [意思refers to intent or purposewhich is what we keep in mind as we create and guides our deliberate actions. Ishi [also refers to stoneacting as the a starting point towards our creative journey in the realm of beverages.

As a brand, we want to demonstrate the spirit of Japanese hospitality—Omotenashi, as we place great importance on customer experience, more than anything else.