• Maas Cup, Small
  • Maas Cup, Small
  • Maas Cup, Small


Maas Cup, Small

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The Maas Cup takes the form of a classic shape, which makes the cup easy and comfortable to hold. It features a narrow base that widens towards the rim.

The cup is made of porcelain, where the inner portion is glazed, while the exterior is left uncoated. Note that there may be slight differences between each piece as the product is completely handmade.

We love the shape of the Maas Cup, which allows us to slowly sip and enjoy beverages. Its curved base allows the cup to sit comfortably in the hand.

We use the Small as a tasting cup, often pairing it with a hot pour over and tea.

Our favorite feature of any KleoCo cup is how it feels in our hands–the texture from its raw porcelain exterior, along with its overall lightness. It has thin walls that make it very comfortable to drink from while remaining durable. A clearly well-thought-of piece, its glazed interior protects the surface from absorbing stains and at the same time provides a pleasant contrast in texture.

Designer  KleoCo
Maker  KleoCo
Material  Porcelain, Transparent Gloss Glaze
Dimensions  65mm x 77mm
Capacity  160ml
Weight  72g
Origin  Turkey

Dishwasher, Microwave, and Food Contact Safe

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