• Issue #06 CHOCOLATE
  • Issue #06 CHOCOLATE

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Prepared and processed from cacao beans, chocolate is widely used in dessert menus, thanks to its unique flavors and texture. The scope of its diversity is often compared with that of wine or coffee. About 4,000 years ago, the ancient Mayans used cacao in their beverages, and after it was introduced to Europe, it served as a luxury food for the nobles. In the 19th century, with the advancement of grinding techniques, the first solid chocolate was born, allowing it to be produced in mass quantities. The current chocolate market has witnessed a new wave formed by famous, artisanal chocolatiers offering boutique chocolate and the “bean-to-bar” trend, which started from the western United States, emphasizing raw features of the ingredient.

Each issue of Magazine F is well-written and informative–going into detail about the processes, brands, and people involved in the featured ingredient. Though it contains much information, it’s presented in such a way that easy to read and digest.

We chose to include Issue #06 CHOCOLATE among our selection of publications because of its crucial role in desserts and its evolving artisanal scene.

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Printed in the Republic of Korea

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