• Issue #07 VINEGAR
  • Issue #07 VINEGAR
  • Issue #07 VINEGAR

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Issue #07 VINEGAR

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Vinegar is a fermented substance created when acetic acid bacteria transforms ethanol into acetic acid. A powerful flavor enhancer, vinegar complements the natural tastes of ingredients and creates endless savory variations. It is so versatile that acclaimed fine-dining chefs are often tempted to create their very own vinegars. All it requires is water, some air, acetic acid bacteria, and any ingredients of the maker’s choice. Traditional balsamic vinegar from Modena, Italy and rice vinegar from Asia are two iconic varieties of the seasoning liquid. Now, with the rapid growth of the homemade vinegar market, we can more easily discover unique vinegar-based products that reveal the creator’s unique tastes with additions like maple syrup, rose petals, or fruits such as tangerines and plums. Vinegar has secured a firm place in the world of gastronomy, and continues to brighten tables across the world with splashes of acidic flavors.

Each issue of Magazine F is well-written and informative–going into detail about the processes, brands, and people involved in the featured ingredient. Though it contains much information, it’s presented in such a way that easy to read and digest.

We chose to include Issue #07 VINEGAR among our selection of publications because of its versatility in food and beverages while being a prominent ingredient in Filipino cuisine.

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Printed in the Republic of Korea

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