• Marty 7oz Glass (Soba)
  • Marty 7oz Glass (Soba)
  • Marty 7oz Glass (Soba)

Kimura Glass

Marty 7oz Glass (Soba)

Regular price ₱450.00

The 7oz Marty is an old-fashioned glass with a capacity of 230ml. Due to its minimal form, it makes for a great everyday glass for various drinks, while its height makes it perfect for desserts like affogato and parfaits.

Kimura's Marty glasses are aesthetically pleasing and durable despite having a thickness of only 1.25mm. One of our everyday staples–it's a versatile glass that can serve drinks neat or on the rocks.

We treat the 7oz as a taster glass for when we want to have multiple drinks at once. It's also our staple glass for affogatos at home.

Designer  Kimura Glass
Maker  Kimura Glass
Material  Soda Glass
Dimensions  80mm x 61mm
Capacity  230ml
Weight  101g
Origin  Slovakia


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