• Silver Round Tray, Small
  • Silver Round Tray, Small
  • Silver Round Tray, Small

Hakuhodo Sumitani Saburo Shoten

Silver Round Tray, Small

Regular price ₱990.00

Hakuhodo Sumitani Saburo Shoten's small, round aluminum tray in silver.

A versatile item; use this as a catchall dish, a decorative piece, or a small plate for your teatime treat.

As with our affinity for multipurpose pieces, this is a product you'll often see in different areas of our home.

We particularly like to use the Silver Round Tray, Small as a decorative platform for small figurines on our desk and as a small plate for sweets to accompany our drinks.

Designer  Masataka Sumitani
Maker  Sumitani Saburo Shoten
Material  Aluminum
Dimensions  105mm (diameter) x 6mm
Weight  80g
Origin  Takaoka, Taoyama, Japan

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